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Belltown graffiti initiative

Belltown graffiti initiative

The BCC is currently working with the Clean City Division of Seattle Public Utilities to address graffiti in our neighborhood.

For the purpose of this initiative, graffiti is defined as anything painted, sprayed, drawn, written, marked or carved on public or privately owned property without the owners permission.

The BCC is thankful for the murals that enhance Belltown and will continue to support those who create them.

To help with this initiative, we need the help of Belltowners to create a Belltown Community Council Committee on Civility and Quality of Life. We are currently working with the Clean City Division of Seattle Public Utilities to address how we can work together with and be supported by the municipal agencies that have been mandated to assist us in this effort to reduce unwanted graffiti in Belltown.

Graffiti Resources from the City of Seattle


2 thoughts on “Belltown graffiti initiative

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      Looks Great! Lets hope we can make a difference.

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      Is there a way to have a Belltown clean group who meet weekly to clean and/or paint over graffiti? Will the City donate supplies to us so we can clean up the areas that are privately owned and either not notified about graffiti reports via FIFI during COVID, cannot afford to do anything or the building is empty?
      Also, I have noticed that there’s a huge amount of graffiti and tagging on the former Community Center at Bell and 5th. There used to be a sign with a phone number of the lease owner to contact. How do we contact owners about graffiti and then talk about cleaning/painting over it?


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