Belltown Community Council meeting minutes March 11, 2015

Belltown Community Council meeting minutes

March 11, 2015

Belltown Community Center, 415 Bell Street, Seattle, WA. 98121

Meeting called to order by Keith Kentop, Council board member: Marketing and Branding.

Minutes for February, 2015 meeting were approved.

A huge thank you to Mama’s Mexican Kitchen for providing the food this evening.

Announcements and Neighborhood reports:

David Levinson – Announced that the group ‘Friends of Art on Pier 86’ (or FAP 86) is applying for Friends of

Art on Pier 86 grant and looking for support from BCC membership to present to Downtown District Council.

Is anyone wishes to help, please see David.

Ayres Gipson – He thanked BCC for their support on racism project and reported progress with one early stage

planning meeting attended by activists and community who work on racial disparity issues. The City of Seattle

has been informed that we are proceeding, and there is support for holding a public education event.

Details given about the St. Patrick’s Day parade and run on 3/14 and 3/15. The parade will start at 1230,

traveling north on 4th Ave starting from Jefferson to the Reviewing Stand at Westlake Park, and officially ends

at the Seattle Center, joining the Irish festival. The run will also go along 4th Avenue on Sunday.

Reminder that the PBR group meets at 3pm each Sunday in front of The Rabbit Hole bar on 2nd Avenue

between Blanchard and Bell St. Bags and gloves are provided and the group removes trash for an hour.

Tarique Scott, Belltown resident brought up concerns about the loss of urban bars (Cellars and Ampersand) but

discussions brought to light that there were infractions and increased police presence needed at them.

Friends of Bell St Park and Recreation are doing a presentation next month. They have some funding and 10

plus projects have applied for grants. To contact the group, the best way is through the facebook page.

Speaker: Vivian on behalf of John Davis- Seattle Hempfest:

Seattle Hempfest will be celebrating it’s 24th year on August 14th,15th and 16th. Last year, counters at the

entrances showed 106K people attended the festival over the 3 days. Questions were raised with the City

Council about moving the festival from it’s current place in waterfront parks to the Seattle Center as it’s

growing so much, but this is not possible at this time. The festival draws a huge amount of people to the

surrounding areas and they are looking at working with local businesses in order to take advantage of this. The

first Hempfest business mixer will be held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall on August 15th and 16th. The

theme of the festival this year is ‘Science now’. Information can be found at

Amazon update:

Architects met and gave presentation – Bell Street as it connects with Denny Triangle and Denny Park and how

this affects Belltown. Liz Campbell spoke with the Design Committee about Bell – Blanchard from 7th to 8th.

Debate was whether there was an expectation to carry the design over from Bell Street to Denny Triangle.

Elections for committees:

Anyone with time and experience to join the committee are encouraged to apply. BCC have staggered elections.

Looking for volunteers for Nominating Committee to take resumes from candidates. This would be a ad-hoc

committee. At large positions are: President, Secretary, VP and Treasurer. Everyone who has attended 4

meetings, including the day of vote, can vote.

Suggestions for upcoming meetings:

SDOT for follow up, what strategic planning is set up if 99 closes before the tunnel is open.

3rd St project follow up.

1st Avenue trolley update

Updates on how to get involved.

Waterfront Seattle project

MID and LEAD occurring every 4 months.

Council member is scheduled to attend next month’s meeting.

Anyone who wants to discuss something, please contact the BCC on the webpage or the facebook page.

Update on Mural Project:

Proposal to add art to Pier 86 (?) Grain terminal – Port has siged off on it. Belltown, Magnolia and Queen Anne

will find out in 2 weeks if proposal has been successful. BCC supported this.

Questions about assaults in Belltown:

People encouraged to call 911 at all times so that police can patrol more in those areas. Questions were asked if

there was a concierge available to report concerns to.

Meeting Adjorned.

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