Belltown Citizens on Patrol Update

A very dedicated group of us have been involved in making BCOP a successful neighborhood committee for the last five years. In addition to the numerous walks we have held, we have also had several well attended safety forums, had members participate in many city forums representing Belltown, and have worked closely with the Seattle Police Department and the Department of Neighborhoods to improve safety in the neighborhood. We are proud of what we have accomplished and feel Belltown is much better for our efforts.

However, given changing dynamics in the neighborhood, we think it is time to re-examine our focus. The City Council will vote shortly on expanding the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) into Belltown. The MID will provide regular Ambassador patrols on a daily basis. These patrols will provide the services that BCOP has been doing and more. So we feel that weekly walks will no longer be necessary.

Our “See It, Say It” poster campaign has been very well received by the community and is having an impact. This is something we feel is important to continue. So, instead of weekly walks, we will be putting up posters once a month. On these nights we will meet at 7pm at Seattle Heights and put up posters for approximately 2 hours. We have chosen the following dates for this and hope you can join us for at least one of them:

May 14th
June 18th
July 9th

While we are scaling down our walks, as an active committee of the Belltown Community Council, BCOP will still be involved in a number of Belltown events and issues and we will still work with other groups to improve our little corner of Seattle.



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