Nominating Committee Seeking Candidates for President and Secretary

The Belltown Community Council Nominating Committee is looking for persons interested in running for the open positions of President and Secretary to be voted on May 8th at the Belltown Community Council annual meeting.

The official role descriptions as stated in the Belltown Community Council Bylaws are listed below. The length of term for each open position as stated in the Bylaws is two years from date of appointment. If you or anyone is interested in running for these open positions please contact the Nominating Committee at

The President:
a) The President shall preside at all meetings and serve as chief executive, coordinating all programs and business of the organization.
b) The President shall prepare agendas – with board input and approval – for all meetings.
c) The President shall be an ex-officio member of all BCC committees.
d) The President shall provide a written update on all BCC activities to the membership.
e) The President shall transfer records at the end of their term.

The Secretary:
a) The Secretary shall issue official notices for all BCC meetings.
b) The Secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting.
c) The Secretary shall maintain permanent files for all minutes, unfinished business, correspondence and other records created in the conduct of the BCC’s business, and transfer records at the end of the Secretary’s term.

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