Safe Communities Meeting Thursday

The Seattle Police Department West Precinct will be holding the first meeting of the new Safe Communities initiative Thursday, October 18, at 7 PM at the Belltown Community Center.

Modeled on the Youth and Families Initiative, Safe Communities will follow a similar path, bringing residents, police officers and City departments together in living rooms, cafes, barber shops and community centers across Seattle to tell the City and SPD about specific things their communities need to improve safety and determine which priorities should come first. Those priorities will then guide the actions the City, SPD and neighborhoods will take together to protect public safety. This process seeks to address chronic neighborhood issues, concerns that will require coordinated involvement of diverse voices in the city (SPD, Parks, SDOT, City Attorney’s Office, Neighborhood Groups, Schools and others) working together to understand, address, and resolve conditions that impact public safety.

Please register online or by contacting Noreen Tanaka at 206.684.8901.

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